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What’s Your Digital Business Model?

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How to Create a Successful Data Strategy—NEW from the MIT CISR Data Board
At MIT CISR we believe organizations must establish a data strategy to clarify and communicate their desired next-gen data approaches. Members of the MIT CISR Data Research Advisory Board have collaborated to create an article that defines data strategy and shares four important principles that emerged from the discussions.

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Commentary: Jeanne Ross’s Lasting Impact on MISQE

Jeanne W. Ross

Fellow research scientist Dr. Cynthia M. Beath comments on how Jeanne helped shape the journal into what it is today.

Jeanne Ross can look back on her contributions to MIS Quarterly Executive (MISQE) over the last twenty years and feel very proud. She was the linchpin in the first discussions about the journal (in 1999), and I’m pretty sure she helped Allen Lee rope Jack Rockart into taking on the role of the first Editor in Chief (EIC) for the journal. She organized the first pre-ICIS MISQE workshop in Brisbane in 2000 to promote the journal to the highly skeptical IS faculty and to rustle up submissions. I’ll bet Jack also relied on Jeanne for lots of support during his tenure in the EIC role (from 2000–2005). Jeanne followed Jack in the EIC role, from 2005–2009. Since stepping down from that role, she has continued to serve as a senior editor (SE) for the journal. She must have handled hundreds of manuscripts for the journal over the twenty years!


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