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Upcoming Events

Revised 2020 Event Schedule in light of COVID-19

We are pleased to introduce a series of virtual events in 2020. Our sponsors and patrons have a unique opportunity to learn from our evidence-based research and to engage with fellow digital leaders around the world.

MIT CISR Summer Session

July 22–Sept 8, 2020

In lieu of our in-person event, we are offering our sponsors and patrons seats to participate in the July 22–September 8, 2020 offering of "Organizational Design for Digital Transformation"—a self-paced online course offered by MIT Sloan Executive Education. Professionals will earn a certificate of completion from the MIT Sloan School of Management. (This class is also offered in the fall if the July date is inconvenient.)

Members of MIT CISR Sponsor and Patron organizations receive special access to our events.

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