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More than ninety firms sponsor our work and participate in our consortium

Become a Sponsor

Organizations that sponsor MIT CISR are invited to participate in three annual research forums, have early access to working papers and other documents (including presentation files), and are entitled to one free seat at the annual four-day MIT CISR Summer Session showcasing MIT CISR research. In addition, leaders at our sponsor firms are invited to our Digital Leadership Summit in May, and a similar event in November in Australia. Sponsors join our global consortium of executives from large complex organizations and share conversation in our Communities of Practice.


Option 1
One year, renewable annually, currently at the rate of $50,000.

Option 2
Three years, payable annually, at the locked-in rate of $40,000.

  • Three year terms may be paid in full in advance in the amount of $115,000.
  • Sponsors who commit to a three-year term receive the additional benefit of three engagement units; see the full list of sponsorship benefits which includes a description of how engagement units can be used


Become a Patron

Patrons are vendor organizations that share MIT CISR research findings with others, including clients, enabled by an intellectual property agreement. 


Each patron firm contracts with MIT CISR for a three-year relationship starting at US$150,000 per year. The annual fee depends on agreed-upon benefits.

If you would like to learn more about an MIT CISR relationship, please send an email to

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