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Our consortium comprises more than seventy-five member organizations

Types of MIT CISR Membership

MIT CISR helps our member organizations become research-enabled top performers. There are three types of MIT CISR membership:

  • Sponsorship, for large organizations undertaking their own digital transformations
  • Patronship, for vendors seeking to assist clients with their digital transformations by sharing MIT CISR's IP with them
  • Associate Membership, for individuals and small- and medium-sized businesses

All members join our global consortium of executives from large complex organizations committed to maximizing value from digital transformations and data.

Our relationships with members are critical to the success of MIT CISR. These relationships provide MIT CISR with our principal source of funding as well as input and feedback on our research agenda and findings.

See general information on our membership benefits below.

Becoming an MIT CISR Member: Next Steps

For information on pricing and benefits for Sponsorship and Patronship and other questions, please contact our Engagement Director, Austin Van Groningen.

For organizations and individuals interested in Associate Membership, please submit our Associate Member Expression of Interest form to be considered.

MIT CISR Member Benefits

Type of Benefit

Associate Member

Sponsor (Three-Year Term)

Intended for... Individuals and small- and medium-sized businesses Large orgs undertaking digital transformation Vendors helping clients with digital transformation using MIT CISR IP
Pricing US $15,000 per year Contact Austin Van Groningen for information on pricing. Contact Austin Van Groningen for information on pricing.
Engagement Units May be purchased at an additional cost* 2 per year (6 total) 4 per year (12 total)
Name recognition on MIT CISR website and in publications - Yes Yes
Full (and early) access to all research content Yes Yes Yes
MIT CISR IP usage Internal only Internal only Internal and with clients
Research participation Yes Yes Yes
Executive Community Yes Yes Yes
15% MIT Sloan Executive Education Discount Yes Yes Yes
Complimentary Subscription to MIT Sloan Management Review - Yes Yes
MIT CISR Liaison Community of Practice 1 seat in total to any MIT CISR community of practice when signing up for three years 1 seat 1 seat
Targeted Leadership Events exclusive to top-level leaders (e.g., Digital Leadership Summit; C-Suite and Board Workshop) - Generally, 1 or 2 executives Generally, 1 or 2 executives plus clients
In-person Research Forums (conditions permitting) or suitable online replacements (typically 3 per year) 1 seat to a Research Forum Up to 3 seats; may increase for online replacement events Up to 6 seats including clients; may increase for online replacement events
Hot Topics Online Sessions 1 seat Unlimited registrations Unlimited registrations
MIT Sloan Executive Education Voucher - 1 voucher per year 1 voucher per year

* Associate members may purchase engagement units (units) at the discretion of MIT CISR. Units are intended to be used for the sole benefit of the associate member and not for the associate member's clients or any other non-MIT CISR members. MIT CISR will manage the number of units available for purchase to ensure our research scientists have the capacity to deliver planned engagements. See below for further details.

Engagement Units

Sponsors and patrons receive engagement units (units), and all members have the opportunity to purchase units above the number included in their base agreement at MIT CISR's discretion. See below for descriptions of engagement types and the associated number of engagement units. For more information on units, please contact MIT CISR's Engagement Director, Austin Van Groningen

Type of Engagement Sample Description No. of Engagement Units
Online Engagement 60–90 minutes long, on the topic of the sponsor’s choice, non-customized delivery by one researcher, to an audience of the sponsor’s choice 1
Custom Online Engagement 60–120 minutes long, customized delivery that may include:
  • Prep calls to collect specific company data and insights
  • Customized analysis of MIT CISR data for a specific focus
  • Inclusion of new case examples specific to the engagement
  • Involvement of more than one researcher
In-Person Engagement* 2–3 hours long, with content based on MIT CISR research plus opportunities for:
  • Interaction with clients or executives to explore the research through formal activities or informal social networking
  • Team exercises and interactions
Custom In-Person Engagement* Up to 4 hours long, custom delivery includes the items listed in Customized Online Engagement plus activities such as:
  • Dedicated diagnostics in practice
  • Bespoke team exercises (possibly including client data)
  • Guest presenters targeted for clients and/or executives
Data Research Advisory Board Data Board members help pursue research findings through:
  • Forum-based discussion and ideas exchange
  • Webinars
  • Research activities (e.g., surveys, interviews)
  • Virtual and in-person events

Membership also includes:

  • Peer discussions and networking
  • Access to early-stage research insights
  • Opportunities to shape and influence the field
1 EU per seat on the Board
CxO Circles
  • Regular peer discussions and networking with a small group of MIT CISR community CxOs
  • Share and discuss emerging opportunities, challenges and best practices
  • Groups formed around similar roles (e.g., CIOs)
1 EU per seat in a CxO Circle
Learning Modules (60 minutes of online learning) Modules will be introduced beginning of April 2024 and will include:
  • Readings
  • An MIT CISR Framework
  • Video
  • Glossary
  • An assessment for the individual learner or their organization

* Travel reimbursement will be required for any workshop or session that takes place at a location that the presenter(s) must reach by air or rail. For any workshop or session that requires travel, member and MIT CISR will agree in advance on additional travel time and direct costs to be incurred.

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