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Revised 2020 Event Schedule in light of COVID-19

We are pleased to introduce a series of virtual events in 2020. Our sponsors and patrons have a unique opportunity to learn from our evidence-based research and to engage with fellow digital leaders around the world.

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Online Classes

MIT CISR events are different!

Each year we host six events around the world for members of our consortium. These events are thought-provoking, interactive and fun. We share our evidence-based research and learn from top performing practitioners. The events foster meaningful collaboration with members of our community. Attendees come away with a solid understanding of our research frameworks and data-driven insight on strategic issues.


If you would like to learn from our researchers but are not a member of a sponsor or patron firm, please consider attending the Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model course we teach for MIT Sloan Executive Education. Or register for the Organizational Design for Digital Transformation online course from the MIT Sloan School of Management, taught by Dr. Jeanne Ross, MIT CISR Principal Research Scientist.

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