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Digitally Savvy Leadership

Digitally savvy leaders help guide the company to a successful future in the digital era.

Successfully transforming a company is a massive undertaking that often includes changing decision rights, relentlessly communicating the vision, creating new ways of working, changing the leadership, restructuring the organization, and developing a different approach to partnerships. One of the most important issues companies face today in considering a transformation is the role of digital technology as both an opportunity and a threat to the future success of the company. The company best equipped to meet these challenges has leadership, at multiple levels, that is digitally savvy. We define digitally savviness as an understanding, developed through experience and education, of the impact that emerging technologies will have on businesses’ success over the next decade.


Digitally Savvy Leaders' Time

Digitally savvy leaders spend their time in four ways

Digitally savvy leaders spend their time in four ways:

  1. Working with external customers or channel partners
  2. Collaborating with business colleagues
  3. Managing enterprise business capability
  4. Running the tech function

Source: Initial framework based on MIT CISR interviews with fifteen global CIOs in 2009. Current version, above, has been revised with the addition of research focused on the role of digital in the enterprise.

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