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Past Events

MIT CISR offers a selection of ​research events each year at which employees from our member organizations can hear and discuss findings from our ongoing research, presented by members of our research team. These events, based in varying locations globally—or virtually—provide opportunities for members to engage directly with the research, the researchers, and each other.

Review Our Recent Past Events:

MIT CISR European International Executive Forum 2024

March 20 & 21, 2024

During our annual research forum in Europe—held in Paris and hosted by BNP Paribas at their transformation hub, BivwAk!—recent research project findings were shared by MIT CISR team members Stephanie Woerner, Barb Wixom, Nick van der Meulen and Ina Sebastian plus several guest speakers from the area. European examples and case studies were presented and local business executives were interviewed.

MIT CISR executive forums are held for member firms and invited guests. Content from this year's European Forum is now available in this filtered view of our Research Library.

MIT CISR AsiaPac International Executive Forum 2024

March 6 & 7, 2024

During our annual research forum in Australia—held in Sydney this year—recent research project findings were shared by MIT CISR team members Peter Weill, Barbara Wixom and Alan Thorogood plus Kristine Dery and several guest speakers from the area. With a focus on the local, they shared examples and case studies using Australian and AsiaPac firms plus we celebrated the launch of Data Is Everybody's Business by Barb Wixom, Cynthia Beath and Leslie Owens.

Please visit the Research Library to view links to the available content from this event.

MIT CISR Annual Research Forum 2023

November 8 & 9, 2023

The MIT CISR Annual Research Forum is always a special learning opportunity for employees of MIT CISR member firms. MIT CISR researchers shared their 2022 project findings and encouraged the lively discussions that make our events unique in main tent and deep dive break out sessions. The full agenda can be reviewed on the event page

Key TakeAways from the event:
  1. Slowing down. Business transformations are slowing down. Continuing to develop strategic capabilities, like partnering and platforms, is key to staying on track to becoming Future Ready.
  2. Data is the base. Developing your data monetization capabilities is how you will get value from technologies like generative AI and external data sharing.
  3. Future-ready workforce. It is imperative to develop your people—38% of the workforce will need to be replaced or fundamentally retrained in the next 3 years.
  4. What’s next? The next step in the transformation journey is to become a Real-Time Business, operating more and more in real time, with transparent and automated decision-making and seamless customer journeys.
  5. Human connection. There is a strong desire from our members to get together in person to learn from and network with each other. People arrived early and stayed longer.

Visit our Research Library to see all the available content from this event.

MIT CISR Board & C-Suite Online Digital Summit 2023

September 26 & 27, 2023

Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner from MIT CISR, and Renée Richardson Gosline, senior lecturer and principal research scientist at MIT Sloan, presented during this online exclusive event held specifically for board members and the most senior executives at MIT CISR member organizations. Reading materials and publications from the event are available in the MIT CISR Research Library.

The event agenda included the following sessions:

  • Creating an Outside-In Customer Focus: Developing a Domain Orientation with Peter Weill
  • Lessons from a CEO: The Opportunities of Becoming Future Ready with Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of Cemex and Peter Weill
  • Update on Future Ready with Stephanie Woerner
  • Creating Effective AI-enabled Customer Journeys with Renee Richardson Gosline

MIT CISR Summer Session 2023: Capturing Value for Digital Success

JUNE 12-14, 2023

In the digital era, how firms create and capture value has changed profoundly. But most firms aren’t keeping up. Our research shows that the average firm today is leaving an eye-opening 50% of potential digital value or more on the table, compared to the best. MIT CISR Summer Session 2023 was a three-day deep dive into firm value. We developed a program to help participants concretely identify how to generate value from business models and innovation, examine the role of data and employees in developing value, and explore the need to partner to create and capture value. And we ended each day with a session that allowed participants to apply the research to their own organization. Please visit the MIT CISR Research Library to access the available content for this event. 

MIT CISR Digital Leadership Summit 2023

May 2 & 3, 2023

The MIT CISR DIGITAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT is an annual invitation-only event for senior leaders at our member organizations. Our 2023 program featured the following live sessions with Peter Weill, Barb Wixom, and Nick van der Meulen, and was hosted by Stephanie Woerner:

  • How Should Tech Leaders Spend Their Time? (Weill)
  • Is Inside-Out or Outside-In Data Sharing Right for You? (Wixom)
  • Think Big, Act Small: Decentralized Decision-Making in Action (Van der Meulen)

Gail Evans, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, was interviewed by Peter Weill as part of his session on how tech leaders should spend their time. All content from this year's event is now available in our Research Library.

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