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Employee Experience

MIT CISR defines employee experience (EX) as “The extent to which employees are enabled or constrained by organizational capabilities and practices to do their jobs today, and to reimagine their jobs of tomorrow”. We think about the experience of employees as the set of capabilities in a digital world that enables (1) a digital, physical and structural environment that can be adapted to enable work to be designed and enacted to meet changing needs, and (2) a set of collective work habits so that people can build knowledge, share ideas, collaborate, and be empowered to deliver value. Our research has found that the investment in great EX is critical to delivering better customer experience, more efficiently.

We emphasize two key concepts in our research:

  1. Delivering value from EX: linking the design of the experience for employees to the customer experience, ability to be more innovative, and profitability (View the Research Briefing)
  2. Building a workforce for digital: investing in a workforce that is fit for digital and empowered to deliver value (View the Research Briefing)

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