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Stephanie Woerner

Welcome to MIT CISR! I'm Stephanie Woerner, director and principal research scientist at MIT CISR. I'm excited to lead this organization in building MIT CISR 3.0. I look forward to finding new and innovative ways to disseminate our research content and continuing our tradition of deep member engagement.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, MIT CISR helps executives meet the challenge of leading increasingly digital and data-driven organizations. We provide insights on how organizations effectively realize value from approaches such as digital business transformation, data monetization, business ecosystems, and the digital workplace. Founded in 1974 and grounded in MIT’s tradition of combining academic knowledge and practical purpose, we work directly with digital leaders, executives, and boards to develop our insights. Our consortium forms a global community that comprises more than seventy-five organizations.

Throughout our anniversary year, join us as we walk through our history by sharing memories and milestones from over the decades.

See 50 Facts from 50 Years

Hear from MIT CISR researchers about the value we provide to our member organizations and from our members about the benefits of engaging with MIT CISR and each other.

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