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barb wixom presenting to data board
Communities of Practice

Data Research Advisory Board

The Data Board:

Founded in 2015, The MIT CISR Data Research Advisory Board actively engages in MIT CISR data research projects – and provides oversight, input, and prioritization through the end-to-end research process. Board members participate in virtual and in-person moderated peer discussions; attend executive webinars, research forums and other events; and participate in interviews, surveys and other academic research methods. Data board members influence and inform data-specific research conducted at MIT CISR and in the broader global academic community.

Sponsor and patron liaisons nominate a colleague to serve on the data board. This person is a senior leader with deep interest in the strategic application of Data, Analytics, and AI. The annual required time commitment is approximately two hours per year.

2020-21 agenda:

Through 2020, Dr. Barbara Wixom and her research team are conducting 1-hour interviews with each board member on the topic of data leadership and the role of data in strategic digital initiatives. In 2021, the members will virtually discuss key topics that emerge from the interviews. Also, during the 2020-2021 period, board members will participate in one of a variety of focused research projects, such as AI adoption strategies, data sharing across company borders, and data monetization.

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