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barb wixom presenting to data board
Communities of Practice

Data Research Advisory Board

Founded in 2015, the MIT CISR Data Research Advisory Board (the "Data Board") is a community of data and analytics leaders who participate in and inform MIT CISR research. Board membership is reserved for employees of MIT CISR member organizations.

Principal Research Scientist Dr. Barbara Wixom leads the Data Research Advisory Board research program. Additionally, Barb draws upon academic expertise available through the MIT CISR network by inviting academics to engage with the Board as needed. Eleven non-CISR academic researchers (from eight universities located around the world) are assigned to data research efforts. 

Each year, MIT CISR funds new data research projects, which deliver initial results in time for the end-of-year annual research forum. The Data Board is considered the first line of research for these projects. Also, MIT CISR regularly engages with universities around the globe to trial research ideas before formalizing them into annual projects; the Data Board will have the option to participate in those efforts as they form. 

Through MIT CISR research activities, the Data Research Advisory Board influences academic research directions, educational content, and materials, and scholarly thinking globally.

Data Board Participation

Board members help pursue research findings through:

  • Forum-based discussion and ideas exchange
  • Webinars
  • Research activities (e.g., surveys, interviews)
  • Virtual and in-person events



Board membership includes:

  • Peer discussions
  • Peer networking
  • Access to early-stage research insights
  • Opportunities to shape and influence the field


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