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Member Liaison Resources

Helpful resources for Liaisons from MIT CISR member organizations

MIT CISR Liaison Role:

We ask each member organization to identify a person to serve as our "liaison." Usually this person works alongside the executive sponsor who funds the relationship; sometimes they are the same person. We communicate with liaisons a couple times a month to convey event information, discuss visits, and answer questions. We find that liaisons are most effective at extracting value from their membership when they work in the areas of innovation and digital transformation.

Strategic Role of the Liaison

  • Incorporate MIT CISR findings and frameworks into the organization's thinking. Use our evidence-based findings to build a business case for change and to understand what high performers do.
  • Spread the word about MIT CISR. Encourage colleagues to register on the website and engage with the research.
  • Plan and implement a custom workshop for your team with an MIT CISR research scientist as part of your three-year term agreement.
  • If need be, plan for a successor so the relationship stays active.

Basic Role of the Liaison

  • Facilitate the signing of the agreement and payment of the fee.
  • Share information from MIT CISR, including event announcements and invitations, research briefings, project descriptions, and requests for input.
  • Take advantage of your complementary seats at our events. Each year, identify people to attend and save the date on their calendars.
  • Be familiar with our research projects and help find appropriate colleagues for researchers to collaborate with on their projects.

Downloadable Resources

MIT CISR on One Page

MIT CISR Event Calendar for 2024

MIT CISR Current Research Agenda

MIT Sloan Executive Education Discount

Employees of MIT CISR member organizations receive a 15% discount on tuition for many MIT Sloan Executive Education open enrollment programs. 

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Share the Relationship

Sample email text to announce the relationship and encourage participation:

Hi everyone,

(Org Name) has become a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR). Recognized as the leading research institution in all things IT-management related, MIT CISR studies how organizations get business value through digital technologies.

As a member of MIT CISR’s community, we have access to all of their research findings. Covering the hottest topics in the industry—Digital Ecosystems, Digital Workplace, Digital Organizations, Data Monetization, and Engaging Your Board in Digitization—their research briefings, working papers, and presentation materials are thought provoking and inspiring. Importantly, they are succinct and to the point, making them easily digestible.

Across the topics above, you will find an excellent range of MIT CISR papers, and I invite you to go to the MIT CISR website and sign up for full access to the site with exclusive content for members. Be sure to use your work email. You will receive an email link to activate your registration before you can log on for the first time.

Once registered, you will have access to all the MIT CISR research publications and will automatically receive a new MIT CISR research briefing announcement via email on the third Thursday of each month.

Take a good look around the site. I am sure you will find the information extremely valuable.


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