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Designed for Digital book
Classic Topics

Digital Design and Transformation

Digital technologies are offering opportunities to create new customer value propositions. These customer value propositions are delivered as digital offerings: information enriched solutions that engage customers in a seamless, personalized experience. The possibilities for new customer offerings is seemingly infinite, but it’s not easy to identify offerings that your company is capable of delivering and your customers are interested in paying for.

Digital Offerings


To successfully identify, design, and deliver digital offerings, companies need to build new technology and business capabilities. We have identified 5 building blocks that help companies develop these capabilities. There is no single template for introducing and developing the building blocks, but our research has found that companies profiting from digital offerings have significantly more mature building blocks. Mapping a digital journey is an important and challenging management effort.

Building Blocks


Videos from Designed for Digital

In these videos based on the book, Dr. Jeanne Ross and Dr. Martin Mocker explore the building blocks that will help your business deliver new customer value propositions, and give guidance on developing a roadmap for digital transformation.

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