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Attendees at the 2022 MIT CISR greet each other
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About the MIT CISR Liaison Community of Practice:

Each organization that joins MIT CISR as a member assigns the management of the relationship to few key people: executive sponsors and key and alternate liaisons. The primary focus of the MIT CISR Liaison Community of Practice is to engage key and alternate liaisons at member organizations to help them learn from one another about managing the relationship for value, make connections with each other in meaningful ways, and share expertise and resources. As with all communities of practice—groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do—the goal is to learn how to do it better as a result of regular interaction. 

This page lists resources that support engagement for the MIT CISR Liaison Community of Practice. The resources are available only to employees of MIT CISR member organizations who are logged-in to our website.

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