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CISR team at the Liberty Hotel
Our Team


Meet Our Team

MIT CISR Director Stephanie Woerner leads the Administration team. Chris Foglia, Dorothea Gray, and Cheryl Miller communicate with our members, plan events, support our research projects, disseminate findings, and provide general support for the research center.

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Stephanie Woerner
STEPHANIE L. Woerner, Director & Principal Research scientist
Stephanie Woerner leads both the administrative and research teams for MIT CISR and works with Peter Weill on several research projects each year.

Office: E94-1557
Phone: 617-452-3222

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Christine G. Foglia, Associate Director
Chris Foglia manages administration, financial analysis and control, event planning, and sponsor services for MIT CISR.

Office: E94-1541
Phone: 617-253-6657

Cheryl Miller Photo
Cheryl A. Miller, Assistant Director, Digital Content & Technology

Cheryl manages research content production and dissemination and technical properties for MIT CISR.

Office: E94-1556
Phone: 617-253-8967

Dorothea Gray-Papastathis Photo
Dorothea Gray-Papastathis, Administrative Assistant

Dorothea assists MIT CISR chairman Peter Weill, and is responsible for managing MIT CISR's Australian and Asian sponsors.

Office: E94-1548F
Phone: 617-253-3372

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