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Kristine Dery
Researcher Profile

Kristine Dery

Key Research Areas: Employee Experience, Digital Workplaces, Managing Digital Talent

About Kristine

Kristine’s research in the dynamic between technology and the way people work has been a focus of her publications and teaching for the last fifteen years. Currently, she is investigating how organizations design their employee experience to enable their people to be the best that they can be. Her research questions focus on : (1) how digital capabilities are deployed internally to create more effective ways of working and (2) the impacts of new ways of engaging with talent in the digital era. This work has stemmed from a historical research focus on the relationship between HRM and IT, mobile connectivity, human resource information systems, gamification, and remote working.

Kristine serves as a Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly Executive, where she is also an author, and special issue editor. She is currently editing a special issue of Organizational Studies on Organizational Connectivity.

She previously held management roles in the tourism and airline industries in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Kristine is based in Sydney and is responsible for fostering research relationships with companies in AsiaPac and the delivery of workshops for senior executives and non-executive Board directors.

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