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Researcher Profile

Ina Sebastian

Key Research Areas: Digital Partnering, Ecosystems, Data Sharing

About Ina

Ina studies how large enterprises transform for success in the digital economy. Her current research areas are digital partnering (including strategies to grow with digital partners and partnering strength), and value creation and value capture in digital models. In previous research projects at MIT CISR, Ina focused on ecosystem business models, digital strategies and organizational redesign, and digital workplace and talent. Prior to joining MIT CISR in 2014, Ina completed a Ph.D. with a focus on Information Systems Management at the Shidler College of Business (University of Hawaii). In her dissertation research, she studied how Electronic Health Record Systems enable and constrain relational coordination in multidisciplinary clinician teams. One of her ongoing research interests is the role of digital capabilities for relational and adaptive coordination in health care systems, within and across organizational boundaries.

Researcher Focus

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