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Data Is Everybody's Business: The Fundamentals of Data Monetization

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Data Is Everybody's Business
Published September 2023

Data Is Everybody's Business: The Fundamentals of Data Monetization

By Barbara H. Wixom, Cynthia M. Beath, and Leslie Owens

Ideal for organizations engaged in data literacy training, data-driven transformation, or digital transformation, Data Is Everybody’s Business is the essential guide for helping everybody in the organization—not just the data specialists—understand, get excited about, and participate in data monetization.

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Excerpts from the book, read by Barb Wixom

Excerpt from the Foreword read by Enrique Hambleton of the MIT CISR Data Research Advisory Board

Key graphics from Data Is Everybody's Business

Advanced Data Monetization Capabilities

Advanced Data Monetization Capabilities
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Data Is Everybody's Business cover

Book cover
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Data Is Everybody's Business 3-D cover

Book cover—silo
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Photos from the Data is Everybody's Business book launch and reception

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