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June 14, 2022

Grounded in the MIT tradition of rigorous field-based research, the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) helps executives meet the challenge of leading dynamic, global, and information-intensive organizations. We are fortunate to have the support of MIT CISR sponsor and patron companies—they are the core of the MIT CISR community, and their support goes beyond funding our research to offering access, providing data, passionately debating the issues, and agreeing to be case study examples. It is a privilege to work with them; their relationship with us is essential to our mission to help create a better digital world.

From Peter Weill—Chairman Emeritus & Senior Research Scientist, MIT CISR

I joined MIT CISR as Director in June 2000 when we had just three corporate members. In the past 22 fun-filled years, we have grown to more than 75 member companies from all over the globe and broadened the community from leaders of IT to all executives interested in digital. We have created a vibrant, engaged and passionate community focused on learning how larger enterprises can thrive in the next generation of technological change. It has been an exciting journey and one full of great collaborations and friendships, amazing physical, and then digital, events, seven books, many research briefings and workshops and so many wonderful experiences traveling the globe. Identifying and sharing best practices around IT and digital, learning from, and (hopefully) influencing so many amazing corporate leaders has been a joy.

As of July 1, 2022 I moved to a part-time research-focused role as MIT CISR chairman emeritus. Dr. Stephanie Woerner has become the director of MIT CISR and lead us toward celebrating the 50th anniversary of our founding in 2024. Stephanie is an extraordinary researcher and passionate about understanding the future technology opportunities and challenges enterprises face. I am very excited about her leadership of MIT CISR as she implements her vision of MIT CISR 3.0.

From Stephanie Woerner—Director & Principal Research Scientist, MIT CISR

I am thrilled to become the director of MIT CISR, leading us towards MIT CISR 3.0. My vision for MIT CISR 3.0 is to maintain the best of today while experimenting with a more connected real-time business model. We will refine our research delivery approaches to help deliver more impact to your enterprises faster. We will strengthen the omnichannel model that we have with our sponsors and patrons – combining physical and digital events with increased engagement and better ways to use our research. We will continue to deliver world-class research on data, digital business models, and digital transformation. We will also explore how to further develop the community to improve connections and peer-to-peer sharing. With nearly 50 years of content, we are exploring how to modularize so we can provide customized, easy to consume, impactful, plug-and-play content to use in your enterprise learning platforms, in other parts of MIT, and beyond. Please reach out to me and our terrific team if you have suggestions. I can’t wait to see what our continued collaboration delivers as MIT CISR 3.0 develops!

From Chris Foglia—Associate Director, MIT CISR

As MIT CISR’s associate director, I will continue to take care of the MIT CISR “family” in many ways, from managing operations and events for the center to overseeing member agreements and payments. I joined MIT CISR in 1993, making me our resident historian and source of institutional memory as well as a link between the three generations of MIT CISR led by Jack Rockart, then Peter Weill with Jeanne Ross, and now Stephanie Woerner. I’m eager to remain the go-to destination for many of you and am looking forward to helping Stephanie implement her vision of MIT CISR 3.0.

From Barb Wixom—Principal Research Scientist, MIT CISR

I am delighted with the direction of MIT CISR 3.0. We are going to build on our already strong base of research on data and digital transformation, while also deepening the relationships with our sponsors and patrons.

From Michael Cusumano—Professor and Deputy Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan established MIT CISR in 1974 and the center was soon a leader in the field of IS management research. The MIT Sloan School is proud of the impact MIT CISR continues to have in the business community with its content library of hundreds of working papers, research briefings and journal articles, and almost 50 years of delivering multi-day events that have attracted thousands of attendees from around the world. We look forward to MIT CISR 3.0 continuing its leadership position in the digital economy with newly appointed director Stephanie Woerner.

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