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MIT CISR 2020 Research Projects

Ecosystems, Circa 2025

Digital Enterprise

MIT CISR began studying digital ecosystems in 2012 and much has changed since. A digital ecosystem is created when companies partner to provide customers more value, working together via digital connections, and providing a single go-to destination for customers.

It’s time to take stock of the impact of digital ecosystems, first in 2020, and then make predictions for 2025. What we know so far is that ecosystem drivers are “a winner takes most” strategy, succeeding by providing an attractive go-to destination for many of the customers’ needs which helps them dominate the relationships with customers and partners. Successful Ecosystem Drivers push other players in the industry to be Suppliers or Modular Producers to the ecosystem (consider how Amazon, WeChat and Facebook work). They exploit the ecosystem data they’ve collected, which no other player sees in its entirety.

  • What percentage of enterprise revenues comes from either driving an ecosystem or participating in someone else’s ecosystem?
  • What are the dominant domains that ecosystems operate in, such as mobility, wellness, procurement, energy management, compliance and home ownership?
  • How will ecosystems evolve leading into 2025?
  • We will use survey data from over 1000 companies and interviews on ecosystem creation and participation.

Seeking: Two or three case studies of how an ecosystem driver has grown rapidly by using the data collected effectively to dominate a domain.

Contact: Stephanie Woerner



Peter Weill, Chairman and Senior Research Scientist

Peter’s work centers on the role, value, and governance of digitization in enterprises and their ecosystems. Peter’s current responsibilities include the globalization of MIT CISR’s research and sponsorship base and engagement with senior executive teams.

Stephanie L. Woerner, Director and Principal Research Scientist

Stephanie’s work focuses on how enterprises use technology and data to create more effective business models and how they manage the associated organizational change. She has a passion for measuring hard-to-assess digital factors and linking them to firm performance.

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