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MIT CISR 2020 Research Projects

Defining Digital Operating Models

Digital Enterprise

For years, MIT CISR research on enterprise architecture argued for establishing a high-level operating model that defined the integration and standardization requirements of the company’s core business processes. For purposes of supporting established business models, this operating model concept can still be extremely useful. But the introduction of digital offerings requires that companies simultaneously design requirements for delivering digital offerings. Digital offerings are new sources of revenue that introduce new customer value propositions—and new business models. The enterprise architecture supporting a company’s digital business models is more focused on speed and agility than efficiency. Thus, we need a new approach to articulating the operating model.

This research will examine in-depth the digital operating models of three established companies that have made good progress in developing and delivering digital offerings. We will explore the high level definition of enterprise architecture for these companies’ digital businesses with the intention of identifying the key dimensions of a digital operating model.

Methodology: 3–4 in-depth case studies

Contact: Jeanne Ross



Jeanne W. Ross, Principal Research Scientist (retired)

Jeanne conducts research that explores how companies are designing themselves for success in the digital economy. Her recent work develops case studies describing how companies formulate and execute business strategies inspired by the capabilities of digital technologies.

Cynthia M. Beath, Professor Emerita & Researcher

Cynthia is a professor emerita at the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin and an MIT CISR academic research fellow. Her research interests include the study of how organizations redesign themselves for the digital era and how they get value from data assets.

John G. Mooney, Academic Director
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