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"Top CIOs Start the Journey to the 'Digital Enterprise'"
By Michael Fitzgerald
October 28, 2014

Enterprise Systems Media (

"Transforming IT From Strategic Liability To Strategic Asset"
By Peter Weill & Jeanne W. Ross
October 15, 2014


"How to Succeed at Project Governance"
By Phil Weinzimer
October 13, 2014

MIT Sloan Management Review (

"When an IT Project “Goes Red”"
MIT SMR Management Report (
"Four Steps to Fixing Troubled IT Projects"
By Leslie Brokaw
October 9, 2014

Current Projects

Based on our mission to develop concepts and frameworks to help executives address the IT-related challenges of leading increasingly dynamic, global, and information-intensive organizations, MIT CISR researchers focus on year-long specific and applicable projects. The relevance of our research is ensured by the active participation of corporate sponsors from a range of industries.

MIT CISR research projects are typically a collaboration of several researchers and often include MIT students. Research results are disseminated primarily through working papers, research briefings, an annual conference, and sponsor forums.

Current MIT CISR Research Projects:

How Digitization is Driving the Next-Generation Enterprise

Last year, we studied how digitization is compelling enterprises to move on two dimensions. [Learn more...]

Best Practices in Complexity Management

In previous research at MIT CISR, we found that companies able to reach their complexity sweet spot are outperforming their competitors by a wide margin. [Learn more...]

Do You Have a Great Digital Business Strategy?

Some companies have recently appointed a chief digital officer to help formulate a digital strategy. [Learn more...]

Engaging Boards and Executive Committees on Digitization

The impact of digitization on business is on the agenda of many companies’ boards and executive committees. [Learn more...]

The IT Unit Value Proposition: Novel Approaches to Delivering Value to the Enterprise

The IT unit of the future must be adept at proactively shaping ever-increasing IT demand, while deftly orchestrating IT supply from diverse and emergent sources. [Learn more...]

Making Architecture Matter Beyond IT

It is without question that, in the digital age, architecture matters more than ever for the long-term success of companies. [Learn more...]

Show Me the Money: Delivering Business Value through Data

In a digital economy, data—and the information it produces—is one of a company’s most important assets. [Learn more...]

Mobile First—Effectively Engaging Customers with Mobile Apps

Most enterprises are developing mobile apps to engage their customers. These apps are used to increase the customer connection, often with a social aspect; enable self service; and obtain better information on customer preferences. [Learn more...]

Managing the Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Publishing

Digital innovation in the publishing business has taken many forms—from online book selling, through e-books, to self-publishing—and these have resulted in significant challenges to and changes in business models within the publishing industry. [Learn more...]