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Entrepreneur (

"4 Ways Startups Can Harness Innovation
and Disruption
By Shellye Archambeau
March 19, 2017

MIT Sloan Management Review (

"Why Can’t We Have More Than One Digital Strategy?"
By Bruce Posner
March 8, 2017

The Wall Street Journal (

"Why Digital Transformations Are Hard"
March 6, 2017

TechRepublic (

"How tech savvy does the CEO need to be?"
By Alison DeNisco
March 1, 2017

The Wall Street Journal (

"Companies need policies for digital changes"
By Steve Rosenbush
February 28, 2017

Current Projects

MIT CISR researchers focus on year-long projects to help executives meet the challenge of leading dynamic, global, and information-intensive organizations. The relevance of our research is ensured by the active participation of corporate sponsors and patrons from a range of industries.
Research results are disseminated through working papers, research briefings, an annual conference, and sponsor forums. Our 2017 research agenda includes the following projects:

MIT CISR 2017 Research Projects:

Led by Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner

Led by Jeanne Ross, Ina Sebastian, and Kate Moloney
with Cynthia Beath, Monideepa Tarafdar, and Mary Lacity

Led by Barb Wixom

Led by Kristine Dery and Ina Sebastian

Led by Nils Fonstad