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Chief Executive (

"Technology and the CEO Résumé: Instilling the Right Perspective on Tech" Peter Haapaniemi August 28, 2017


"How to fix the data integration mess" Myles F. Suer August 28, 2017

Chief Executive (

"Technology and the CEO Résumé: Why it Matters" Peter Haapaniemi August 23, 2017

MIT Sloan Management Review (

"The Four Ways to Manage Digital Talent and Why Two of Them Don’t Work" By Kristine Dery and Ina M. Sebastian August 17, 2017

Huffington Post (

"IBM Distinguished Engineer Jan Gravesen On How Hybrid Agile Can Transform Government Legacy Systems" By Marquis Cabrera August 16, 2017

Current Projects

MIT CISR researchers focus on year-long projects to help executives meet the challenge of leading dynamic, global, and information-intensive organizations. The relevance of our research is ensured by the active participation of corporate sponsors and patrons from a range of industries.
Research results are disseminated through working papers, research briefings, an annual conference, and sponsor forums.

MIT CISR 2017 Research Projects:

I. Reimagining Business Opportunities in a Digital World

II. Designing a Digital Business

III. New Technologies, New Opportunities