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MIT CISR Research Poll: Enterprise Data Asset Management, The New Balancing Act

In this year’s MIT CISR data monetization research, a consistent theme across companies was the need to balance the upside and the downside of data. Indeed, as companies move forward with data monetization and value-generating data initiatives, they must do so with care—armed with strategies for control, security, and privacy.

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How is your enterprise’s Board addressing digital disruption?

This survey explores how effectively non-executive boards of companies are handling issues of digital disruption that could affect the success of the company. By digital disruption, we mean the impact of mobile devices, Internet of Things, omni-channel, big data, social media, new online competitors (e.g., retailers moving into financial services), and other issues stemming from digitization.

Your participation in this 15-minute survey
is voluntary, and you may decline to answer
any question. Any identifying information you provide will be kept confidential by the MIT
Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). Answers will be used solely to aggregate statistics, and we will never specifically identify you or your company to any party.

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