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MIT CISR Research Poll: CIO Engagement of the Executive Committee

The impact of digitization on business is on the agenda of many companies’ executive committees. The CIO and the IT unit have a key opportunity to use this interest in
the impacts of digitization as a
way to better engage with the
executive committee.

The 2014 MIT CISR research project, Engaging Boards and Executive Committees on Digitization, is examining what facilitates engagement between
the CIO (and the IT unit) and the executive committee and how engagement affects financial performance.

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A New Way to Connect with MIT CISR:
MIT CISR now has a LinkedIn Showcase Page

The MIT CISR community—staff members, associated faculty members at MIT and other universities, employees of our patron and sponsor organizations, and other IT and non-IT professionals who are interested in our research—is always growing. And we at MIT CISR are always looking for ways to make that community stronger. Our newest way to keep in touch and let the community know about news, research initiatives, and opportunities to participate in research is the MIT CISR LinkedIn Showcase Page.

By following the page, you’ll receive targeted news in your activity stream and can share relevant information with your groups.

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As MIT CISR Research Patrons & Sponsors, more than 80 organizations currently experience the value of our innovation and research. Click the “view all” button above for a complete list.

We are grateful to our newest member organizations:


• SAS Institute Inc.


• BB&T
• Royal Philips
• Sabadell Bank
• Standard Bank Group

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