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MIT CISR Research Poll: Data as a Strategic Asset
In a digital economy, data and the information
it produces are among a company’s most important resources. Companies are delivering increased value from data by improving and innovating with analytics and big data, and by monetizing data by selling, bartering, and/or differentiating core offerings. This year’s MIT CISR data study—Beyond Monetization: Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Data
is exploring whether these exciting new opportunities are inspiring organizations to treat data as a strategic asset, and how this manifests.

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Putting the X-Factor into Digital Transformation

MIT CISR delivers an Action Learning course called “Enterprise Transformations in the Digital Economy,” or T-Lab. As a recent guest speaker, Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, shared his experiences with disrupting the tertiary education model. edX, co-founded by MIT and Harvard, based its business model on three goals:

1. To impact on-campus learning 2. To research the factors that accelerate learning 3. Most importantly, to create access to education for students who wouldn’t otherwise have access

edX is an example of the type of organization that poses a digital threat to established industries such as education. Agarwal engaged the students in a discussion of what makes edX successful. Students agreed that an edX course is:

• Customizable • Adaptive • Time insensitive • Rewindable • Location insensitive

Data analytics such as A/B testing help to constantly improve instructional experiences, while the instant feedback students receive on their assignments contributes to better learning. The only things holding edX back are the lack of certification and the inability to transfer credits. Once certification and credit transfer are introduced, there will be no holding back edX! For a discussion of the impacts of business disruption from digitization, see the MIT CISR May 2014 research briefing, “Digitization: Threat or Opportunity?

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