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MIT CISR Research Poll: CIOs, the New Enterprise Venture Capitalists
CIOs are increasingly being called upon to find new technology-based solutions to facilitate organizational agility and strategic advantage. Not unlike venture capitalists, CIOs need to have their finger on the pulse of technological innovation—where it is coming from,
and what it can bring to the table. Large companies are beginning to work with and provide funding for startups with the goal of fast-tracking innovation in their own organizations. CIOs are at the forefront of this new concept, leading the way in understanding how to partner with, fund, leverage, and capitalize on these startups and their agility. This year we are starting a project that will examine the phenomena of CIOs becoming the new enterprise venture capitalists, working with start-ups, etc.
to introduce a continual stream of innovation and talent into their companies. This poll will help identify some trends in this area. The research grows out of our previous research on the changing role of the CIO (see MIT CISR research briefings “How CIOs Allocate Their Time,” Mar. 2008; “The Future of the CIO,” Jan. 2009; and “How Other CxOs Think CIOs Should Spend Their Time,” Jan. 2010).

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Enterprise Transformations in the Digital Economy (T-Lab)

MIT CISR is uniquely positioned to bring together top executives from leading firms and bright, creative, energetic graduate students to explore current management issues. This is exactly what a team of CISR researchers led by Jeanne Ross is doing this spring semester in a new MIT Sloan MBA course, Enterprise Transformations in the Digital Economy (T-Lab).

T-Lab is the newest addition to MIT Sloan’s innovative Action Learning portfolio. Action Learning courses provide hands-on management experience, and T-Lab will match a team of Sloan students with a CISR sponsor company to work on a specific digital management issue the firm is attempting to address. Teams can provide research, analysis, and/or knowledge sharing.

The course comes at a crucial moment as business leaders wrestle with the possibilities inherent in the newest technologies, such as those presented by SMACIT (social, mobile, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things). Companies introduce these tools and techniques and allocate resources for their deployment, but are often disappointed with the results. Why? Because technologies and markets tend to change much faster than people, systems, and institutions. This natural misalignment creates fascinating, and often perplexing, business challenges. It also creates opportunities for companies who manage these technologies most effectively to gain a competitive advantage.

T-Lab, based primarily on research conducted at MIT CISR, is intended to help students become more effective leaders or consultants in an increasingly global and fast-paced business environment while at the same time giving CISR sponsors the chance to work with the future business leaders of MIT Sloan’s MBA program. Learn more about T-Lab.

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