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MIT CISR Welcomes Leslie Owens

Owens starts September 14
as Executive Director of MIT CISR
and MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer

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MIT CISR Research Poll: Internet of Things Strategy and Investment
The Internet of Things has the potential to connect assets, people, products, processes, and/or sources of data to each other via sensors, smart devices, and network infrastructure, realizing the long-forecasted connected house, car, factory, and ecosystem. All of this connectedness has the potential to radically change business models and the competitive landscape. Does your enterprise have an Internet of Things strategy, and more importantly, is there sufficient investment to get results from that strategy? Results from this poll will be part of MIT CISR’s 2015 Internet of Things research project findings.

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MIT CISR Spotlight

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Executing a Consumer Digital Strategy at Kaiser Permanente

MIT CISR’s 2015 research on digital strategies—the research project Designing Digital Organizations: Strategic Responses to SMACIT-Induced Disruption —highlights two great challenges that companies confront as they transition to the digital economy: (1) choosing from all the investment opportunities related to new powerful and readily accessible technologies, and (2) synchronizing all the decisions and activities that enable new ways of offering solutions and engaging with customers.

The recent MIT CISR research briefing “Define your Digital Strategy—Now” summarizes our findings on how companies that successfully navigate this transition prioritize investments. We are currently creating a series of case vignettes, which describe how each of twenty-five companies participating in our study redesign themselves to handle the challenge of coordinating activities and synchronizing business changes. Kaiser Permanente is an excellent example of innovative redesign that empowers frontline employees. A forthcoming case vignette will describe how Kaiser Permanente executes its consumer digital strategy by (1) governing big picture decisions, (2) enabling departments to innovate very quickly with a platform that offers cloud-based services and modular pricing, and (3) transforming IT into a service-centric organization with a DevOps approach to development.

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As MIT CISR Research Patrons & Sponsors, more than 80 organizations currently experience the value of our innovation and research. Click the “view all” button above for a complete list. We are grateful to our newest member organizations:


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