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MIT CISR Summer Session

June 12–15, 2017 on the MIT campus

Taking applications from MIT CISR
patron & sponsor members and the public

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Read the new case study, “BNY Mellon: Redesigning IT for Digital Transformation”
BNY Mellon, a 230-year old investment management and financial asset custodian company, embarked
on a digital transformation in 2012. The company’s ability to deliver new digital services was dependent
on building new technology and business capabilities. A transformation of the IT unit spearheaded the development of these capabilities. This case describes the early stages of the transformation, particularly
the redesign of the IT unit and the development of common business services.

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Come the the 43rd Annual
MIT CISR Summer Session

MIT CISR Summer Session welcomes both open enrollment registrants and participants from MIT CISR sponsor and patron organizations. MIT CISR and other Sloan faculty—and guest CIOs—will present both recent and classic research findings that help companies successfully manage businesses in an increasingly digital economy. The program includes lectures, discussion, and exercises to ensure that participants learn from both MIT research and their own experiences.

Our daily themes for the 2017 program are:
• Monday: Defining and Executing Your Digital Strategy
• Tuesday: Engaging Your Ecosystem
• Wednesday: Creating Digital Value
• Thursday: Managing Innovation and Emerging Technology

This event is intended for individuals who are in or moving to senior IT or digital leadership roles. The agenda offers a broad perspective on the strategies, management practices, and key requirements for IT and business leadership in a digital economy. Participants who attend the full program will receive an MIT CISR certificate acknowledging their attendance.

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As MIT CISR Research Patrons & Sponsors, more than 90 organizations currently enjoy the value of our innovation and research. Click the “view all” button above for a complete list. We are grateful to our newest member organizations:


• LPL Financial
• Nomura Holdings, Inc. (Japan)
• Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc.
• Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

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