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Data Strategy

Since 2015, MIT CISR research scientists have been collaborating on data-specific research with executives from the center’s sponsor and patron organizations. In Q1 2018 this body, called the MIT CISR Data Board, focused on producing a better understanding of contemporary challenges and opportunities associated with data strategy.
The MIT CISR Data Board defines a data strategy as a central, integrated concept that articulates how data will enable and inspire business strategy. A company’s data strategy answers questions around how a company will generate value through data. The strategy needs to evolve reflecting the organization’s current state of data maturity. This research explores data strategy evolution and application and alignment with business strategy.

The board discussed what exactly creating and implementing an effective data strategy involves. The following article defines data strategy, describes the MIT CISR Data Board and its recent data strategy collaboration, and shares four important principles that emerged from ths Q1 board discussion.

MIT CISR Data Board members on what their data strategy contains

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