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In a digital economy, data—and the information it produces—is one of a company’s most important assets. Data research at MIT CISR focuses on four themes:

Acceptable Data Use

Our research has found that to confidently innovate with data in the face of concerns about acceptability, companies rely on management practices that help them build norms of acceptable data use. These norms guide employees and partners in using people-centered data and analytics in ways that are not just compliant with existing laws and regulations, but that are informed by organizational values and those of ecosystem actors.

Data-Driven Transformation

A data-driven company pervasively creates, integrates, and liberates analytics knowledge to help people and processes continuously work smarter. Becoming data driven requires building an enterprise capability that can regularly generate innovative new analytics-based work practices and scale best practices across the company. This research explores the practices that enable companies to maximize returns from data—and to produce unique knowledge that creates competitive advantage.

Data Monetization

Increasingly, companies are monetizing their data asset and generating business value via existing core products and services—or new digitized ones. This research examines current practices in data monetization and the most effective paths to data-based value creation. It explores the opportunities and challenges that companies encounter when implementing data monetization strategies, as well as the requisite capabilities and skills they need to do this.

Data Strategy

A data strategy is a central, integrated concept that articulates how data will inspire and enable business strategy. A company’s data strategy answers questions around how a company will generate value through data. The strategy needs to evolve reflecting the organization’s current state of data maturity. This research explores data strategy evolution and application and alignment with business strategy. [Learn More]

Value from Data at BBVA

At the 2018 MIT CDOIQ Symposium – Exploiting Data Capital for Organizational Performance, Dr. Barb Wixom describes an award-winning case study she produced and published in 2018 with Dr. Ida Asadi Someh and BBVA on the bank’s efforts to create value from data.