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Sponsor & Patron Liaison Resources

We hope the information here will help MIT CISR member contacts, especially our key and alternate liaisons, get the most value possible from being a part of the MIT CISR community.

MIT CISR Liaison Role:

—Incorporate MIT CISR findings and frameworks into the firm’s thinking
—Engage people throughout your company with MIT CISR
—Plan and implement a workshop as part of a new three-year term
—If need be, plan for a successor
—Sign the agreement, pay the fee, and drive value
—Receive and share information from MIT CISR, including event announcements and invitations,
research briefings, project descriptions, and requests for input
—Attend MIT CISR events, and seek additional attendees and/or substitutes when appropriate
—Act as contact for occasional company participation in research projects or help find an appropriate contact person

Easy Downloads

CISR Publications Feeds

To keep apprised of new content releases, follow one of our CISR Publication Feeds.

MIT Sloan Executive Education Discount

All employees at MIT CISR member organizations will receive a 15% discount on tuition fees for MIT Sloan Executive Education open enrollment programs. Please contact Chris Foglia at MIT CISR for the promo code.

Share the Relationship

Sample email text to announce the relationship and encourage participation:

Hi everyone,

(Org Name) has just become a sponsor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR). Recognized as the leading research institution in all things IT management related, MIT CISR has one clear focus—researching how organizations get business value through digitization.

As a member of MIT CISR’s sponsorship community, we have access to their research findings. Covering the hottest topics in the industry—Digital Ecosystems, Digital Workplace, Digital Organizations, Business Complexity, Big Data, and Engaging Your Board in Digitization—their research briefings, working papers, and presentation materials are thought provoking and inspiring. Importantly, they are succinct and to the point, making them easily digestible.

Across the topics above, you will find an excellent range of MIT CISR papers, and I invite you to go to the link below to the MIT CISR site and follow the simple, quick instructions to register yourself for access to the site. Make sure you choose our organization from the drop-down list under “Patron/Sponsor Organization” and use your work email account to register. They will send you an email link to activate your registration before you can log on for the first time. Once registered, you will have access to all the MIT CISR research publications and will automatically receive a new MIT CISR research briefing announcement via email on the third Thursday of each month.

Take a good look around the site. I am sure you will find the information extremely valuable.