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2019 Research Briefings

Registered users of the CISR website may download our research briefings, four-page research summaries published monthly to update the MIT CISR community on current research projects (available to sponsor & patron members 90 days prior to their public release).

November: Building Data Monetization Capabilities that Pay Off
October: Digital Success Requires Breaking Old Rules
September: Working With Boards on Digital
August: Both Radical and Incremental Digitally Enabled Change Work Well
July: The Metamorphosis of the IT Unit
June: Partnering to Grow in the Digital Era
May: Learn from Hypotheses, Not Failures
April: Digital Data Monetization Capabilities
March: Companies with a Digitally Savvy IT Unit Perform Better
February: All Companies Need a Modular Producer Strategy
January: Companies with a Digitally Savvy Board Perform Better