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Perspectives: The Informatica Blog (
Six ideas for CIOs in 2015 to put the innovation back in CIO
By Myles Suer
December 19, 2014

CIO New Zealand (
Movers and shakers: Forum tackles the ‘impossible role’ of the CIO
By Divina Paredes
December 3, 2014

Harvard Business Review (
Digital Transformation in the High-Tech Industry
December 1, 2014

No Generation Gap Here: Business Leaders of All Ages in Sync on Tech
By Lauren Brousell
November 18, 2014

CIO New Zealand (
Massachusets Institute of Technology professors discuss the ‘impossible’ role of the CIO
By Divina Paredes
November 14, 2014

BT Let’s Talk Blog (
Governance works, but do it right
November 13, 2014

Tech Target (
Strategies for finding analytics skills, despite the shortage
By Ed Burns
November 6, 2014

Top CIOs Start the Journey to the ‘Digital Enterprise’
By Michael Fitzgerald
October 28, 2014

Enterprise Systems Media (
Transforming IT From Strategic Liability To Strategic Asset
By Peter Weill & Jeanne W. Ross
October 15, 2014

How to Succeed at Project Governance
By Phil Weinzimer
October 13, 2014

MIT Sloan Management Review (
When an IT Project “Goes Red”
MIT SMR Management Report (
Four Steps to Fixing Troubled IT Projects
By Leslie Brokaw
October 9, 2014

The New HR: It’s High Time to Truly Get Involved With Big Data
By Jenny Dearborn
October 2, 2014

New Role for CIOs: Governance for Data Analytics
By Madeline Weiss and June Drewry
September 29, 2014

Perspectives—The Informatica Blog (
Building a Data Foundation for Execution
By Roger Nolan
September 9, 2014

InformationWeek (
CIO Of The Future In One Word: Fast
By Laurianne McLaughlin
September 8, 2014

TIBCO Spotfire’s Trends and Outliers Blog (
Four Ways to Create a Data-Smart Culture
By Spotfire Blogging Team
September 4, 2014

Forbes (
Geeks In The Boardroom: The CIO Is Out of The Basement
By Shellie Karabel
September 3, 2014

Globalscape (
Keep an eye on shadow IT to secure networks
September 3, 2014

KcKinsey Quarterly (
The past and future of global organizations
September 2014

TechTarget en Español (
Dirigiendo la empresa digital: Cinco consejos sobre cómo llegar allí
By Nicole Laskowski
August 19, 2014

Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe (
Marketer Trust Issues: Single Source of Truth
By Kevin Lindsay
August 18, 2014

Cornerstone Blog (
Empower Your Employees with Data: Q&A with Jeanne Ross
By Charles Coy
August 11, 2014

Tech Page One (
Shadow IT is in your enterprise: 7 steps to control it
By Scott Koegler
August 5, 2014

China Byte (
July 30, 2014

SiliconANGLE (
You May Not Need Big Data After All | #MITIQ
By Alan McStravick
Including video interview of Jeanne Ross with Dave Vellante and Paul Gillin
July 23, 2014

SiliconANGLE (
MIT CDOIQ promises strong overview of Big Data issues
By Bert Latamore
July 21, 2014

CIO India (
The Price of Data
By Kim Nash
July 17, 2014

Financial Times (
FT-TCS BaNCS Financial Leaders Dinner Forum
July 17, 2014

Becker’s ASC Review (
4 Questions Leaders Should Ask About IT
By Ellie Rizzo
July 11, 2014

Tech Target Japan (
MITが考える目標達成のヒント: 常勝企業が決して軽視しない「デジタル化」「ユーザー」、そして「女性」
By Nicole Laskowski
July 11, 2014

CIO America Latino (
6 formas de prepararse para la llegada de la Digital Enterprise
By Brian Eastwood
July 1, 2014

Life Science Leader (
Don’t Let Big Data Analytics Prevent You From Being Brilliant At The Basics
By Rob Wright
July 1, 2014

Tech Target (
No frills needed for mobile design and development success
By Maxine Giza
June 27, 2014

CIOs Consider Putting a Price Tag on Data
By Kim S. Nash
June 23, 2014

TechTarget (
Learn to deal with it: Mobile BYOD isn’t going anywhere
By Maxine Giza
June 24, 2014

TechTarget (
Big data usage in mobile app dev presents challenges, opportunities
By Maxine Giza
June 19, 2014

MIT Sloan Management Review (
Revisiting Complexity in the Digital Age
By Martin Mocker, Peter Weill, and Stephanie L. Woerner
June 17, 2014

Information Week (
Chief Data Officer: Do You Need One?
By Jeff Bertolucci
June 16, 2014

Business First Magazine (
Where creativity, connectivity and technology meet
By Jonathan Jackson
June 11, 2014

MIT Sloan Management Review (
Capitalizing on Data by Building Organizational Capabilities
By Stephanie Woerner
June 4, 2014

IT Business Edge (
The Digital Enterprise, Whatever It Is, Will Require Better Data
By Loraine Lawson
June 3, 2014

Quality Digest (
Substitutions Allowed
May 28, 2014

3 Ways to Manage Corporate Digitization
By Peter Weill and Stephanie L. Woerner
May 28, 2014

TechTarget (
The big data market rises and must converge—just not yet
By Nicole Laskowski
May 27, 2014

7 Ways CIOs Should Prepare for the Digital Enterprise
By Brian Eastwood
May 27, 2014

TechTarget (
Leading the digital enterprise: Five tips on how to get there
By Nicole Laskowski
May 22, 2014

TechTarget (
The new CIO challenge: Assembling the right combo of human and machine smarts
By Kristen Lee
May 22, 2014

CIO Journal (
Digital Disruption Inspires Both Fear and Hope
By Clint Boulton
May 21, 2014 (
Statens IKT-politikk: Uten politisk mål
(“Government ICT Policy: Without political goals”)
By Arild Haraldsen
May 12, 2014

TechTarget (
When buying back-end services beats building back ends
By Caroline de Lacvivier
May 7, 2014

The Economist Intelligence Unit (
A blended future: The changing mix of IT service delivery and consumption
May 1, 2014

TechTarget (
How mobile services simplify back-end integration
By Caroline de Lacvivier
April 25, 2014

Version2 (
It og forretning—Demand shaping
By Niels Bering Larsen
April 22, 2014

Why CIOs Should Look Outside for Data Expertise
By Madeline Weiss and June Drewry
March 31, 2014

MIT Sloan Management Review (
ComScore: The Art and Science of Big Data, From the Inside
By Renee Boucher Ferguson
March 24, 2014

Inside Analysis (
How Can You Deliver Value with Agile?
By Barbara Wixom
March 18, 2014

comScore Insights Blog (
comScore’s Approach to Capturing Value
from Big Data Showcased in MIT Case Study

By Kate Dreyer
March 13, 2014

U.S. News & World Report (
Information Systems: 2015 Best Business Schools
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) ranked #1 Business School for Information Systems in 2015
March 11, 2014

Dice News (
Complex Requirements Pressure Demand for Data Scientists
By Susan Hall
March 10, 2014

Business 2 Community (
Six Steps for Smoother Knowledge Transfer
By Leslie Brokaw
March 8, 2014

Big Data Analytics News (
6 things to make your Big Data project succeed
February 15, 2014

CIO Journal in The Wall Street Journal (
Remembering an MIT Professor Whose Work Touched CIOs
By Thomas H. Davenport
February 13, 2014

Equinox IT Blog (
What to consider when architecting for mobile application development
By Bill Ross
February 7, 2014

CircleID (
New gTLDs’ Success Drivers
By Alex Tajirian
January 27, 2014

Computerworld (
5 commandments of cloud preparation
By John Mooney and Jeanne Ross
January 14, 2014

Communications for the Association of Information Systems (
The Current State of Business Intelligence in Academia: The Arrival of Big Data
Vol. 34 (2014)
By Barbara Wixom, Thilini Ariyachandra, David Douglas, Michael Goul, Babita Gupta, Lakshmi Iyer, Uday Kulkarni, Bryan John G. Mooney, Gloria Phillips-Wren, and Ozqur Turetken
January 2014