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Investing in the Digital Workplace for Agile@Scale

Many organizations are thinking about ways to leverage Agile methodology beyond the IT unit to drive more project innovation and speed across the organization—i.e., Agile@Scale. As this new way of working spreads beyond IT, there are significant challenges in designing the workplace to deliver an employee experience that adds value. In this project we will build on our earlier research on Digital Workplace, Employee Experience, and Talent Management to gain insights into how organizations are meeting these challenges to add business value. Research questions include:

  • What Agile principles and practices do organizations focus on to build Agile@Scale?
  • How do Agile principles and practices impact the design of the Employee Experience and the Digital Workplace?
  • How does the management of Digital Talent change in the context of organization-wide Agile?

Team: Kristine Dery, Nick van der Meulen

Dr. Dery describes the research:

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Investing in the Digital Workplace for Agile@Scale
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