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Employee Experience: Enabling Your Future Workforce Strategy

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Employee Experience: Enabling Your Future Workforce StrategyDery, Kristine
van der Meulen, Nick
Sebastian, Ina
Research BriefingBusiness Agility
Design/Management of the IT Unit
Digital Innovation
IT-based Business Transformation
Abstract: Large, traditional companies are facing a perfect storm: People with the skills and capabilities required to develop and execute a digital strategy—whom we refer to as digital talent—are urgently needed, yet in short supply. In this briefing, we share ways that companies typically approach the challenges of attracting, enabling, and retaining digital talent. MIT CISR research has found that companies that invest in building a great employee experience are able to attract more digital talent as full-time equivalents (FTE) and better enable these people to do their best work, thereby realizing significantly enhanced business value.

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