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Accelerating Data-Driven Transformation at BBVA

Title Author(s) Type Topic(s) Comments Date
Accelerating Data-Driven Transformation at BBVAWixom, Barbara H.
Someh , Ida Asadi
Research BriefingAssessing and Communicating IT Value
Business Models
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Design/Management of the IT Unit
Digital Innovation
Abstract: This briefing describes four key activities that help companies become data-driven: 1) cultivating a community of contemporary data science talent; 2) communicating data’s value proposition enterprise-wide; 3) co-creating new data-driven work practices; and 4) scaling data-driven best practices. These activities are illustrated using the case of BBVA, a global financial group that established a data science center of excellence (CoE) in 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary called BBVA Data & Analytics. By 2017, the CoE had helped BBVA build an enterprise capability that regularly generates innovative, new analytics-based work practices and that scales best practices across the company.

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