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Classic Topics


In a digital economy, data—and the information it produces—is one of a company’s most important assets. Data research at MIT CISR focuses on four themes.[Learn More]

Digital Business Models

Digital transformation is not about technology—it’s about change. And it is not whether that change will come, but a question of when and how. In the new digital economy, many enterprises won’t succeed by merely tweaking the management practices that led to past success.[Learn More]

Enterprise Architecture

MIT CISR defines enterprise architecture as “the organizing logic for business process and IT capabilities reflecting the integration and standardization requirements of the firm’s operating model.” We view architecture as a strategic, rather than technical, exercise. [Learn More]

IT Governance

MIT CISR research has found that firms with effective IT governance have 20% higher profits than their competitors. We define IT governance as a framework for decision rights and accountability to encourage desirable behavior in the use of IT. [Learn More]

IT Portfolio Management

Just as investors have portfolios of financial investments to address their multiple investment objectives, firms have portfolios of information technology (IT) investments. Four different management objectives guide firms’ investment in IT resulting in four different asset classes. [Learn More]