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What's Next for the IT Unit?

MIT CISR research reveals that in reimagining their IT unit, organizations must shift their focus from better managing IT to leveraging the opportunities IT affords. This latter quest demands that they reorient their attention away from the “IT organization”  and towards “organizing for IT.” That is, as digital becomes part of the fabric of an enterprise, the challenge for leadership teams is not to build a more digitally savvy IT unit, but to establish the basis for coordinating and integrating the knowledge required for success with technology. This is particularly difficult as this knowhow is dispersed across the organization and increasingly out to customers and ecosystem partners.

We have already encountered companies that are looking towards a future with no IT unit yet are fundamentally dependent on technology. Others are reimagining how they position technology and shaping new organizing blueprints. Research questions include:

  • What are the fundamental organizing principles for success with technology?
  • Are particular organizing archetypes emerging?
  • What transition paths are “big old companies” following as they move to accommodate the demands of technology and towards a future where core assumptions about their IT unit are being questioned?

Seeking: Interviews with CIOs/CXOs looking to shape the future of IT and the IT unit in their organization.

Researcher: Joe Peppard (