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Creating a Digital Innovation Toolkit

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“Digital” and “innovation” are two sides of the same coin. A digital innovation is the result of marrying the capabilities of digital technologies with a business opportunity, such as to innovate a process or an employee experience, a product or service, or a new business model. Achieving the desired outcome is incredibly difficult. In their quest to be innovative, managers too often focus their attention on the “technical” aspects of a technology and lose sight of its fundamental capabilities in relation to data and information. Focusing on customer solutions, this project will develop essential tools to frame in terms of data both the problem and potential solutions to facilitate the digital innovation process.

Questions include:

  • Related to customer needs: How are firms developing an understanding of the experiences and life events of customers and expressing that in information terms? How do they identify, map, and track customer life events and how they evolve?
  • Related to new technologies: How are firms making sense of the capabilities and limitations of new technologies in terms of information?

Team: Joe Peppard, Nils Fonstad

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