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The Executive Committee and Board Relationship in Digital Transformation

Last year we found that digitally savvy boards have a large impact on firm performance, especially market cap and growth. In this year’s study, we will look at how boards and executive committees work together to keep an enterprise’s digital business transformation moving forward. We will explore whether we can replicate the digitally savvy board machine learning methodology to code executive bios and we will administer a survey as well as do interviews. Questions include:

  • What characteristics of an executive committee propel a successful digitally-enabled business transformation?
  • How do the Board and CEO build an effective executive team in this area?
  • How do executive committees effectively leverage their boards as they go through the transformation?
  • What methods work best for executive committees and boards to measure progress?

Seeking: We are interested in interviewing executive committee and board members who are in the midst of a digital transformation or who have completed a digital transformation.

Research team: Peter Weill (lead), Stephanie Woerner

Contact: Stephanie Woerner (