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Rethinking Talent Management for Digital

Project description:

Pressure on IT to deliver digital services, faster and at lower costs, means that the ability to engage the right talent is more important than ever. Large, traditional companies have become really good at “command and control” business models that favor long term investment in the development of people and their careers. Increasingly, however, firms are reconsidering these traditional models and tapping talent pools made up of a blend of FTE, freelancer, contract and other forms of work arrangements. Our 2016 research identified four management approaches for digital talent based on (1) established talent management capabilities (transactional to relational) and (2) talent engagement approaches (FTE to hybrid/contingent).

Research questions include:
  • How are digital leaders in top performing companies approaching talent management?
  • How do companies design workplaces to engage effectively with digital talent across multiple employment arrangements?
  • How do IT units transition to a more curated approach to engage digital talent?
Project team:

Kristine Dery and Ina Sebastian