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What Types of Digital Business Transformations Require Organizational Surgery?

Project description:

As companies reimagine themselves to succeed in a digital economy a key question is whether they can coordinate existing capabilities to both deliver great customer experience and streamline operations. Or do they need more radical organizational surgery, as many companies were not designed for the connectivity requirements of the digital era. In this research project we will look at the typical goals of digital business transformation – dramatically improved customer experience and significantly streamlined operations – and ask what it takes to achieve them. We will use a combination of exemplar case studies and a survey of senior executives to identify best practices and motivating stories.

Research questions include:
  • What are the most effective types of organizational surgery and governance mechanisms in successful digital transformations?
  • Do different digital transformation paths require different types of surgery or governance mechanisms?
  • Is more radical organizational surgery or the more incremental coordination mechanisms associated with better firm performance?
Project team:

Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner