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Managing Organizational Explosions During Digital Transformation

In last year’s research, we identified four major organizational “explosions” that occur on each digital transformation pathway: (1) changing decision rights, (2) cultivating a platform mindset, (3) developing new ways of working, and (4) reorganizing the enterprise. In this year’s research, we will examine how enterprises manage these explosions, and whether there are pathway-specific differences in the responses.

Other research questions include:

  • What are the necessary conditions for success on each pathway, evaluated through several different lenses (e.g., progress, radicalness)?
  • How are companies measuring progress along their transformation?
  • What is value gained by increasing operational excellence and improving customer experience?
  • How do firms manage multiple transformation pathways?
  • What are the roles of key enterprise leaders (e.g., CIO, CMO, CEO, COO, CHRO) on each pathway?

Team: Peter Weill, Stephanie Woerner, Nick van der Meulen

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Managing Organizational Explosions During Digital Transformation
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