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Investing in Employee Experience to Create Better Customer Experience

Agile ways of working require companies to be customer-centric, or even customer-obsessed. Our research shows that top performing companies on EX rating deliver twice the level of customer satisfaction (CX) than those in the bottom 25% of our study. Yet most companies find it challenging to sustain the levels of focus and resource allocation required to deliver great EX. As we scale Agile ways of working we need to focus on both EX and CX to deliver value. This project will focus on the following key research questions:

  • How do companies link their EX investments with CX outcomes (i.e., workspaces, system integrations, Agile ways of working, social networks, AI, bots, digital twins)?
  • How do companies understand the impact that their investments in EX are having on CX (i.e., new metrics, performance management systems, journey mapping)?
  • Who is taking responsibility for EX, and how do roles accountable for CX and EX work together (i.e., ExCo, Boards, CEO, CXO, EXO or other)?

Seeking: Companies that are proactively seeking to improve EX to drive positive CX outcomes.

Researcher: Kristine Dery (