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Guiding your Enterprise to Future Ready (and Beyond)

What does the Future Ready enterprise look like? Two years ago, we began a project on the pathways to becoming Future Ready via digital transformation and last year we looked at becoming digitally savvy. This year, we will explore what it means to be a Future Ready enterprise including attributes like being ambidextrous (simultaneously achieving cost reductions and best customer experience), ecosystem ready, digitally savvy, agile, and making data a strategic asset. We will do a series of interviews and a survey of senior executives. Research questions include:

  • What does Future Ready look like?
  • How does digital savviness contribute to being future ready? What else is needed?
  • What are the stages of achieving future readiness and the most useful metrics associated with each stage?

Seeking: Companies that have made progress on developing ambidexterity and that are moving toward Future Ready. The ideal company will be over 50% complete on their transformation journey.

Research team: Stephanie Woerner (lead), Peter Weill, Ina Sebastian, Aman Shah

Contact: Stephanie Woerner (