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What Are the Different Types of Digital Ecosystem Drivers... and How to Get There

Project description:

Recent MIT CISR research has identified 4 business models for the digital economy. One of those models, Ecosystem Driver, is the destination for a subset of your customers in a particular domain of their lives, like Aetna in healthcare, Netflix in entertainment, Amazon in shopping, and Schneider in Energy Management. The early evidence is that ecosystem drivers outperform other business models on all measures but but there are real challenges to developing and managing an ecosystem, accompanied by strong first mover advantages.

Research questions include:
  • What are the different types of Ecosystem Drivers and their relative performance to date?
  • What does it take (e.g., visions, capability, investment, time and relationships) to become each type of Ecosystem Driver?
  • How do companies buy options to become Ecosystems Drivers in the future?
Project team:

Peter Weill, Stephanie Woerner, and Barbara H. Wixom