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Developing Data Monetization Portfolios That Pay Off

Data monetization—the conversion of data and analytics into direct or indirect financial returns—represents a key source of economic value for organizations in the digital economy. Yet, it is unclear how organizations create and then deliver on an optimized data monetization portfolio. This year, we will investigate portfolios of data monetization returns and identify influential factors and/or contingencies. The research will consider organizational characteristics, performance outcomes, and capabilities required for data monetization, such as acceptable data use and data science.

In 2019, we will analyze data from the CISR data monetization survey and conduct interviews with leaders responsible for data monetization strategy. Our research questions include:

  • How can a digital leader develop an optimized data monetization portfolio for his/her organization?
  • What will it take for the organization to maximize returns from that portfolio?

Seeking: Interviews with leaders responsible for data monetization strategy and who have completed (or are willing to complete) the CISR data monetization survey.

Researcher: Barb Wixom (