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Designing Digital Organizations
for Integration, Innovation, and Agility

Project description:

As companies attempt to take advantage of digital technologies and the greater availability of data and analytics, they are seeking to simultaneously ensure both efficiency and agility. To do so, leaders are redesigning their companies to facilitate integration while clarifying accountabilities. This has proved to be a challenging combination. This project is part of CISR’s ongoing examination of how companies are redesigning themselves to meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly digital world.

Research questions include:
  • How do companies manage the transition from hierarchical structures to more empowered, innovative environments?
  • How do they define services and assign accountabilities to ensure both stable operations and rapid innovation?
  • How do they create seamless interfaces with external partners to expand their capabilities and product offerings?
Project team:

Jeanne Ross, Ina Sebastian, and Cynthia Beath