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Designed for Digital: How Established Companies Are Reinventing Themselves

In this project, we will follow up on the organizational changes of six to eight companies that participated in earlier stages of our research. We will report on outcomes of earlier initiatives, summarize learnings, and describe new organizational structures, roles, and management practices. From these mini-cases we expect to clarify the journey that established companies are taking to transform for the digital economy. We will also explore important applications of digital technologies, such as cognitive computing, to learn how leading-edge companies drive value from new, powerful technologies. Research questions we’ll explore include:

  • How do companies move from introducing new digital capabilities to creating digital offerings that generate new revenues and profits?
  • What organizational changes have been instrumental in building digital offerings?
  • How do companies that started their digital transformations within IT engage the rest of the business in the transformation?

Team: Jeanne Ross, Cynthia Beath, Kate Moloney

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Designed for Digital: How Established Companies Are Reinventing Themselves
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