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Decision Rights in the Digital Era

MIT CISR research has shown that four significant, disruptive changes (i.e., “organizational explosions”) are required to achieve breakthrough performance via digitally enabled business transformation. First among these explosions are Decision Rights: changes to the status quo of who makes and is accountable for key decisions, such as when a process is formally changed, which projects receive funding, and which products are discontinued and launched. This year, we will do a series of in-depth case studies and a survey of senior executives to answer the following questions:

  • How are decision rights (i.e., decision roles, bodies, and frameworks) changing in the context of digital transformation?
  • How do companies balance their transformational (digital) imperatives with their operational imperatives? Who should be involved in a digital transformation, and to what extent?
  • How do companies balance pressures for autonomous decision making (by individuals and project teams) with the need for organizational alignment and synergy?

Seeking: Companies that have made changes to decision roles, bodies, and/or frameworks as part of their digital (or scaled Agile) transformation efforts.

Research team: Nick van der Meulen (lead), Peter Weill, Stephanie Woerner

Contact: Nick van der Meulen (