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Partnering for a Successful Ecosystem

Big old companies increasingly participate in digital ecosystems, and many seek to establish themselves as ecosystem drivers. The MIT CISR 2017 Ecosystem Driver Survey showed that effectively developing partnerships to enable product and service variety, bringing together services from different industries, and selling competitor products are significant predictors of ecosystem market share and of the market share and revenue growth of ecosystem participants. The 2018 ecosystem research will examine how companies effectively develop partnerships by coordinating relationships in order to maximize the value of participating in an ecosystem.

Research questions include:

  • What are different types of ecosystems and effective roles for ecosystem drivers?
  • What are effective mechanisms for coordinating an ecosystem?
  • How do ecosystem drivers and ecosystem participants design effective coordination practices across different ecosystems types?

Team: Ina Sebastian, Peter Weill, Stephanie Woerner, Kate Moloney

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Partnering for a Successful Ecosystem
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