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Cognitive Computing: Developing
the Human/Machine Partnership

Project description:

Cognitive computing is generating a great deal of hype but the impact in companies is still limited. Many companies have invested in experiments but far fewer companies can point to significant benefits. Prior MIT CISR research suggests that companies should choose their cognitive computing initiatives carefully to ensure that machine intelligence can improve a given decision or activity and accountable people can effectively teach and monitor machine outputs. Through in-depth case studies this research will examine how companies position themselves to drive value from machine learning and how they manage their portfolio of initiatives to optimize benefits.

Research questions include:
  • What are the key roles in a company to manage key elements in the management and use of cognitive computing: design, implementation, operation, improvement?
  • How should companies govern their cognitive computing initiatives?
  • How can companies architect cognitive computing to flow seamlessly from core business activities?
Project team:

Jeanne Ross, Kate Moloney, Monideepa Tarafdar, and Cynthia Beath