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Exploring Blockchain

Project description:

Most of the research on blockchain focuses on the platform developments that will make it a force in how business is done. If blockchain becomes a widely adopted platform, it will radically enhance transparency and accelerate the speed of business. We anticipate that it will be a disruptive force to established businesses and their embedded systems and processes. This research will examine how companies are preparing for blockchain and similar disruptive market forces. We will collaborate with multiple MIT blockchain research teams and conduct interviews of executives who are experimenting with blockchain initiatives.

Research questions include:
  • Does blockchain present an imminent change in how companies transact business?
  • Where are companies likely to feel impacts?
  • Are some industries or functions most likely to feel these impacts?
  • How—or for that matter should—established businesses prepare for blockchain or technologies that may supersede it?
Project team:

Jeanne Ross, Mary Lacity, and Kate Moloney