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Responsibilities of the Board
in a Digital Economy (15 min.)

Featuring Dr. Peter Weill, Senior Research Scientist and Chairman
of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research, and
Jennifer Christensen, Managing Partner of JWC Partners

To respond to digital disruption, an organization will typically need to change its business model—and the organization’s Board of Directors needs to be involved. In recent years, MIT CISR has worked with a number of boards on how to deal successfully with digital disruption.

During the webcast delivered on Thursday, October 22, 2015, Weill shared his experiences and described MIT CISR case studies and survey results on how boards effectively engage around digital disruption. Throughout the conversation, Weill and Christensen discussed how senior leaders are helping their companies to thrive in a digital economy. This version of the one-hour webcast has been edited to fifteen minutes.

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