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Note: Best browser feed display in Internet Explorer and Firefox

Other feed view FAQs…
  • What are some ways to access a feed?
    • Browser display: Some browsers do not have the ability to display RSS and Atom feeds natively; instead, you will see just XML code. (For example, you must add an extension to Google Chrome to display a feed; feed extensions are easy and quick to install and available free from the Chrome Web Store.) Also, property display is browser-specific—one browser might show all authors, while another might show only the first author.
    • Feed reader: Search the Web for free and paid feed reader apps for all platforms and needs.
    • Outlook: Subscribe to a feed under Account Settings.
  • Why both RSS and Atom? Most readers support both formats. However, each format defines properties a bit differently, which can subtly affect experience. Your preferred reader might accept just one, or try both and see if one offers better experience.
  • What’s the difference between “Recent” and “All” feeds? “Recent” feeds display the default limit of records if your browser or feed reader of choice has one (usually 20 records). “All” feeds display all available records if your browser or feed reader of choice permits it.
  • How often do the feeds update? Feeds update dynamically when records are added or changed.
  • Who can access content? Anyone can view a CISR Publication Feed and follow a link from it. But one must be a registered  user of the MIT CISR website and logged-in to download a publication from the site. Registered website users from MIT CISR sponsor and patron organizations may access any content on the website; public users of the site are subject to a 90-day embargo on research briefings and working papers and may not access presentation files.