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MIT CISR Summer Session

June 12–15, 2017

This is our 43nd annual MIT CISR Summer Session, which welcomes both open enrollment registrants and participants from MIT CISR sponsor and patron organizations. MIT CISR and other Sloan faculty—and guest CIOs—will present both recent and classic research findings that help companies successfully manage businesses in an increasingly digital economy. The program includes lectures, discussion, and exercises to ensure that participants learn from both MIT research and their own experiences. Participants who attend the full program will receive an MIT CISR certificate acknowledging their attendance. Applicants may also apply to attend individual days this year.

Intended Audience:

This event is intended for individuals who are in or moving to senior IT or digital leadership roles. The agenda offers a broad perspective on the strategies, management practices, and key requirements for IT and business leadership in a digital economy.

Public registration will open in March 2017.


Our 2016 Program:

Monday: Thriving in a Time of Change

Key faculty: Peter Weill, Jeanne Ross & Roberto Fernandez

  • How to think about your firm’s competitive environment in the digital era
  • How to manage organizational change
  • How firms are changing their IT investments

Tuesday: Maximizing New Opportunities

Key faculty: Barb Wixom, Kristine Dery & Mary Lacity

  • How to profit from the data deluge and juggle its risks and rewards
  • How to design and implement an innovation-inspiring workplace
  • How to improve outsourcing performance

Wednesday: Unlocking Innovation

Key faculty: Nils Fonstad, Martin Mocker & Jeff Sampler

  • How to create an executable digital strategy
  • How to recognize new opportunities for competitive advantage through innovation
  • How to finesse the trade-offs between complexity’s costs and benefits

Thursday: Learning from Top Performers

Key faculty: Jeanne Ross, Peter Weill & Stephanie Woerner

  • How to define your firm’s operating model
  • How to benchmark your CIO against four critical success factors for the digital economy

Thursday night: Dinner celebration and awarding of program certificates