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Enterprise Transformations in the Digital Economy (T-LAB)

A benefit of MIT CISR sponsorship is the opportunity to propose and possibly be involved in Sloan MBA student project work, facilitated by faculty mentors, as part of Action Learning at MIT Sloan. Action Learning is a pedagogical approach that emphasizes student engagement in projects designed to have measurable business impact. A growing portfolio of fifteen Labs offer hands-on opportunities to put theory into practice. Students are from MBA, Sloan Fellow, Leaders for Management/Leaders for Global Operations (LFM/LGO), M.S., and Management Studies (MSMS) programs.

Students who participate in T-LAB are seeking:

  • Challenging ‘real-world’ projects with measurable impact
  • Access to passionate sponsors
  • A well-scoped deliverable
  • Connection to the “big picture”

Project hosts design projects and submit project descriptions through the T-Lab website and “pitch” projects to students at a special event in February 2017. If a team matches to your project:

  • Project hosts collaborate with student team to refine scope, schedule, and deliverables
  • Student teams work remotely from campus with the host organizations for twelve weeks
  • Student teams share a project summary with the class and present formal deliverable to host organization

Sponsor companies that are interested in hosting a project must complete a project proposal by January 6, 2017 and be available in-person for the pitch night on February 14, 2017. If your project is matched:

  • Plan to be available for weekly calls and mentorship
  • Assemble interested stakeholders to engage with students for final presentation

Interested in hosting a project? Next steps include:

  • Coordinate with your internal stakeholders
    • Define your project as a problem to solve
    • A clear, well-formulated and scoped problem statement that:
      • Makes the case that accomplishing this is important—reference something your org cares about, such as revenue, defects, or customer experience
      • Contains a clear notion of a gap, shortfall, or dissatisfaction
      • Is neutral concerning possible causes or solutions
  • Start web application
  • Consider scope!
    • Team of four students, each devoting approx. 3–4 hours/week
  • Reach out to CISR team with questions big or small!